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Which Spokane School District (#81) School Will My Children Attend?

When it comes to purchasing a new home in Spokane, one question almost universal to all parents of school aged children is, what school will my children attend if I purchase this home?  Find out the designated school for a particular address.

For parents who put a high premium on their children’s education and will be enrolling their children in the public school this is a very important question.  A particular school’s excellent track record may be indicative of quality teachers working in that school or it could be a superstar principal with great leadership skills.  Here is a link to the Washington State Report Card on Spokane Public Schools.  Parents also are concerned about the condition of school buildings, extracurricular activities, clubs, elective classes, academic or vocational classes, and so forth.  A stable or growing property tax base often helps a school district pay for a better learning environment.

Spokane Public Schools accepts for enrollment all students living within its boundaries and offers each student the ability to attend the school designated for the address where the student resides unless an overload situation requires that a student be transferred to another location with sufficient capacity.  Here is a web utility for finding the designated schools for an address in Spokane.

Sometimes parents would like to enroll their children in a school other than the school designated for their address.  Spokane Public Schools has a policy and procedures in place for just such a situation.  When a parent or guardian wishes his/her student to attend a school outside the designated school based on residency, a request for transfer must be initiated by the parent or guardian.  The administration will evaluate all such transfer requests and attempt to accommodate such requests within the constraints of the enrollment capacity of District schools; staffing and fiscal uncertainties, program availability and such other considerations as may evolve over time.

The procedure for requesting an intra-district school transfer can be found here.

Whenever a student’s request to attend school outside the designated attendance area is approved, the parent, guardian, or student shall be responsible for student transportation to and from school.  Once admitted to a school using the intra-district transfer process, the student shall be considered enrolled in that school and will be subject to the same conditions of continued enrollment as for resident students.  Transfers, when approved to one school level, will not automatically apply to the next school level, i.e., elementary to middle level or middle level to senior high.  The student will enroll in the designated school of their residence and a new transfer request must be initiated if a transfer is desired.

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