Resale or New

When a Resale Home Just Doesn’t Fit

The Predicament – Resale Homes Often Lack Required Features

You know what you want.  The picture in your mind’s eye is crystal clear.  You envision the perfect layout and design of your next home.  You’re certain that this design will suit you and your family flawlessly.  It boasts an ideal kitchen arrangement; the living spaces complement each other with effortless traffic flow.  This home has just the right amount of bedrooms, baths, work areas and parking works well for your lifestyle. It is everything you’ve dreamed for in a home. 

There’s just one problem, you’ve been searching for this home on the resale market for months and it is simply not available, you can’t find this house anywhere.  It simply doesn’t exist.  I live in Spokane Washington and we have over four thousand resale Spokane homes on the market in all price ranges, still the older designs show their age and many find the old floor plans and building materials a bit obsolete. 

You may feel unique as if you’re the only one who’s ever felt this way, but believe me this predicament is quite common.  You’re not alone, many home shoppers have felt this way but there is a solution.

If this describes the predicament that you find yourself in don’t despair.  Keep your dreams and plans of the ideal home, now you understand that home designs have evolved over time. The design of years gone by may have been fresh and up to date when it was built but now it just doesn’t seem to fit your family.

The Solution – Purchase a New Home

To enjoy all the benefits common in current design you need to be looking at new homes. New homes feature more open spaces, kitchens as living spaces, more bathrooms, private master suites and much more.

Many times home shoppers aren’t looking for a long “honey-do” list.  Even with the promise of possible sweat equity, the prospect of weeks and months of remodeling, repairs or simply repainting or re-roofing a home dissuades the staunches weekend warrior fix-it person.

New homes offer fresh neutral paint, inside and out.  New carpets, fixtures, plumbing, water heaters, furnace, etc, etc.  New homes are more energy efficient with extra insulation, double pane windows, forced air heating and air-conditioning.  New homes in Spokane come with radon mitigation systems.  New homes frequently are built in areas with a rising tax base and thus newer schools.

There are many advantages to buying a new home over a used home.  Most all new homes are listed in the Spokane MLS and your Realtor can schedule a showing for you.  Why not ask your Realtor to see if a new home will work for you? 

Published On: October 15th, 2020 / Categories: Buying /

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