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These Ten Powerful Questions Advise the Use of a Buyer’s Agent When Buying a Home

A typical modern-day Internet-empowered consumer thinks they have access to all the information they need to complete a home purchase decision all by themselves. Bit, is this really true?  Ten powerful questions suggest this belief might not be completely correct. Frequently, potential home buyers don’t realize they’ll likely always receive a better outcome if they commit to working with a qualified real estate professional. People considering shopping for a home really ought to think about using an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) ® designated agent, like me, in order to receive a higher level of service.

Here are the ten powerful questions potential Spokane home buyers like you should contemplate and answer before trying to represent themselves:

  1. Do I possess the ability to access the best, most comprehensive databases with the up-to-date information on homes for sale in the Spokane region?
  2. Will I have sufficient time and resources to research the residential real estate market as well as appreciate the ideal type of property to purchase considering all my various needs and desires?
  3. Have I learned the skills to accurately interpret shifting market data? (i.e. how will you collect and analyze the appropriate sales information, pricing data, days on market, absorption rates among other statistics?)
  4. Will I be able to interpret the facts and data in a manner that will assist in structuring an compelling purchase and sale agreement/offer with a realistic likelihood of closing?
  5. Do I know how the Washington State Law of Agency provides protection for me when it comes to my real estate transaction and the agency relationship? What are the different levels of service agents provide and what is the advantage of being a client over merely a customer? What rights and duties come along with representation and who in the transaction is loyal to the seller versus the buyer? In other words, have you really checked out the-value of formalizing a buyer-agent relationship by employing a representative?
  6. Have I done the research to investigate the many types of home loan programs currently being offered to figure out which one is best for my financial situation?
  7. Am I familiar with the Washington State standard residential Purchase and Sale Agreement and do I understand the various clauses in order to best prevent making typical buyer mistakes?*
  8. Do I possess the desire and expertise to energetically negotiate on my own, when sellers almost always have a real estate professional assisting them in the negotiation process?
  9. Do I want to take the time and effort to locate a qualified, ASHI® certified home inspector? What about various other qualified professionals that might be needed in the real estate transaction?
  10. Have I reviewed and understand the different Spokane County zoning regulations and building codes concerning residential real estate in the neighborhoods I am interested in moving to? Do I understand the various land use restrictions and how they might affect my plans to use or modify the property I want to purchase?*

These concerns and many others will likely arise throughout the course of completing your Spokane real estate purchase. Employing a buyer’s agent who has earned the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) ® designation (like me) will tremendously benefit to Spokane home buyers in the current complicated and demanding real estate market.

* Although many other buyers’ agents and I possess extensive familiarity with real estate agreements, zoning regulations and building codes, which enable it to answer many questions posed by prospective buyers, I always recommend my clients check with their attorney when legal advice is needed.

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