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Searching for a Home When You Have Orders to Fairchild Air Force Base

Searching Spokane Real Estate

Finding homes for sale in Spokane for incoming military personnel is becoming easier with advances in technology and communications. Sometimes, though it can be a tough decision choosing between official government housing and searching for Spokane real estate. Does one prefer the convenience of military housing or perhaps investing in a home and commuting to the base? At many bases, military housing is limited and not available for quite a long waiting period, usually after one is settled in to some other neighborhood. If you do decide to live on the economy, the next task becomes finding a Realtor that understands the military lifestyle, what a military family is looking for in a new home.

If you are transferring to FAFB and would like to know the BAH rates you can find them here.

Serving in the United States armed forces poses many unique challenges. One of those challenges is frequency of finding suitable, affordable and comfortable housing for yourself and perhaps your family each and every time new permanent change of station (PCS) orders moves you to a new location somewhere around to the globe or here at home in the U.S.

Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB) is Spokane County’s second largest employer. More specifically, the 92nd Air Refueling Wing is the county’s second largest employer. This, of course, includes all the tenant commands at FAFB not just the air wing itself. Reportedly, as of November 2007, there were 4,960 full time employees at FAFB. Of this total, there were 3,723 active duty military and 1,327 civil service employees. Wow, nearly 5,000 people working and living in Spokane due to the United States Air Force.

Additionally, the number of military retirees who choose Spokane, Washington as a place to live after active duty in the military is certainly quite a significant number. With access to a regional Veterans Administration hospital, plus the benefits of access to the Post Exchange, Commissary and other MWR offerings on the base combined with a mild climate and excellent cost of living, Spokane is the choice of many military retirees and veterans.

What do you do for housing when you’re a relatively young military person with orders to FAFB in Spokane, Washington? Air Force personnel stationed in Spokane, Washington deserve a nice place to live. My recommendation, find someone who can speak your language – the language of acronyms and arcane military jargon. Find someone who has walked a mile in your shoes and also understands the local real estate market.

More than likely, the best person to find you your new home will be retired from the military them self and has started a second career in real estate. Near every base and station there will be many Realtors who have been previously your comrades in arms. They will know your concerns and will be better able to serve your needs because of their background. If you’re active duty and would like assistance purchasing your next home, find a Realtor who is also retired military – I promise they will take exceptionally good care of you.

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